weekly veg bag

Sign up to receive a weekly share of our vegetable harvest. Every week we will harvest you a bag of freshly picked vegetables, grown to organic principles, in season and at their best. We have the liberty to grow varieties purely for taste as our produce has to travel zero miles, unlike other veg box schemes and supermarkets who must put transportability over everything else.

I would never usually buy the leaves or greens we’ve had but honestly they’ve been the best thing on my plate this last few weeks! We’ve used everything and it’s all been delicious.
I love the ethos of the project and look forward to bringing my daughter to help out in the school holidays!
— Emma, member
I can’t recommend these guys enough, if you are local to Farnham, please give it a try and you will never go back to supermarket vegetables again!
— Elina, Member and Nutritionist


£2/month Membership

Everyone who orders produce from us must pay a monthly subscription (except on a 4 week trial) which makes them a member of Farnham Community Farm.

Membership also: 

  • Gives you a vote at our members' meetings; £1 from your first month buys you a share in our cooperative. It also means you have a share in the responsibility for how the coop is run.
  • Allows you to volunteer with us.
  • Invites you to our social events.
  • Supports the farm and helps to cover running costs.

You can join our community as a Supporter Member even if you don't want to order produce; this means you can still attend our social events, volunteer and be part of the coop.

Veg Shares

Payment is made by monthly standing order. Your first payment after your trial finishes will need to include a £5 non-returnable deposit which covers two of our jute bags for your use. 

A medium size share in summer

A medium size share in summer


Farnham Community Farm is a CSA scheme, this means sharing the risks and rewards between farmer and consumer. Shares will vary in size throughout the year as we grow with the seasons. The success of each year’s crops is dependant on many factors, including the weather. If it’s a good year, you will enjoy a bumper share of the harvest, but if it’s a bad year, your veg bag may be smaller. We always aim for at least six items and for most of the year all the veg will be grown by us. During the 'hungry gap' when winter stocks run low and new crops are still growing, we may buy in some UK grown items from organically-certified producers, to supplement our own veg.