Where are we?


Veg PickUp:


Thursdays 4-8pm, at the Summerhouse at:

Packhouse Antiques, Tongham Road, Runfold, Farnham, GU10 1PJ.




West farm:

After Packhouse buildings, continue down the lane past two properties on the right. You will see a large farmhouse, a tall conifer tree and a sign for Christmas Pie Barns (B&B) on your right. There are signs around here to help direct you to our field. Ahead, either side of the lane there are no entry signs and a metal gate; turn right just before this and ahead you’ll see a closed metal gate with a grass track behind it. Walk through the gate (please close behind you), and up the hill to get to our field, which is on the right.  

VOLUNTEER TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS: When you’ve reached the Christmas Pie Barns sign on Tongham Road, parallel park by the trees on the left; the gravel drive is for guests of the B&B. 

SOCIAL SATURDAYS: Unless otherwise directed, please park in the Packhouse overflow car park and walk three minutes up the lane to West Farm.