What is the price of the different size shares and how many do they feed?

Large: £75/month, approx 4 people

Medium: £59/month, approx 2 people

Small: £41/month, approx 1 person


How much does it cost to be a member of Farnham Community Farm?

Whether you're signing up to order produce or just want to support our initiative, you'll pay a £2 monthly subscription which makes you a member of Farnham Community Farm. £1 from your first month buys you a share in our cooperative. It also means you have a share in the responsibility for how the coop is run.


What happens when i go on holiday?

We suggest, if you can, to find a friend who would like to come along and collect your veg and use it while you’re away. This is a great way to introduce them to Farnham Community Farm and make good use of your share at the same time. 

However, if this is not possible, please drop us a line to let us know you will be away – before the Wednesday of the previous week. We cannot give refunds for shares missed due to holidays.


Can i collect my veg later on?

If you can't make the Thursday 4-7.30pm slot, we can hold your veg at West Farm for collection Friday 10am-4pm.


can i get my share delivered to my home or workplace?

Unfortunately we cannot offer door to door delivery.


do i need to bring a bag to take my veg home in?

We will pre-pack your share in a Farnham Community Farm jute bag each week. We made sure to find a supplier who could provide bags with an eco-friendly waterproofing solution.

Your first payment after your trial will need to include a £5 non-returnable deposit, to allow for the use of two bags per member. Please bring back a bag every time you pick up your veg, it's really important these don't go astray!

We used to pre-bag loose leaves, such as salad, into oxodegradable plastic bags, but we now offer our members the option to weigh their allocation into their own reusable bag or container. This helps us cut down on the amount of single use plastic we have to use (we aren’t allowed to reuse plastic bags for our loose leaves due to hygiene reasons).


can i cancel my veg share?

Although we depend on our members' commitment to support Farnham Community Farm, we also understand that circumstances change and you may need to cancel your subscription. In this case we ask for a minimum of two months notice.

We will only refund your £1 share if you write to ask us to do so.


will you let me know what's coming up in the share that week?

Yes, we send out an email each week to say what will be in the share, with a recipe or two using some of that week's veg. 


Do you have any recipe ideas?

Join our Facebook group Farnham Community Farm Recipe Sharing.