Full Membership Application

You have completed your 4-week trial, and we're delighted that you'd like to continue and become a fully fledged member of Farnham Community Farm!

Please complete the form below and set up your standing order (and make a one-off payment to make up the rest of the month if applicable).

Here are the details for setting up
your standing order, and making a one-off payment:

Account name: Farnham Community Farm

Sort code: 30-93-20

Account no: 02362221

Standing orders should be set up to come out on the first of the month. In order for us to spot your payment, please use your name as a reference. 

£1 from your first month buys you a share in our cooperative, you'll now have a vote at our Annual General Meeting. It also means you have a share in the responsibility for how the coop is run.

Name *
We will calculate this amount for you and let you know by email
I/we understand how the CSA model shares the risk and rewards of farming and understand there may be variations in the weekly 'share of the harvest'. *
I/we understand that if I/we wish to leave the scheme, a minimum of two months notice applies. *
I/we understand that FCF cannot issue any refunds for veg shares missed due to holiday. *